Roger Stone Is Our Favorite Person

Roger Stone Targeted By Phony Lawsuit

Roger Stone is doing big league work lately. From starring in an epic documentary to teaming up with the venerable Alex Jones to dishing on Democratic insiders to never giving the haters an inch, Stone is back on top—and back in the spotlight of center stage American political life.

What are those symbols on your hands, Podesta?

Which is probably why the elite establishment wants to pump the brakes on him.

“Roger Stone, an informal adviser to President Trump, is pushing back against an invasion of privacy lawsuit filed against him and the Trump campaign by former Obama administration lawyers alleging they conspired with the Russians to release hacked Democratic National Committee emails.

Stone dismissed the lawsuit as a ‘desperate maneuver of a pack of pathetic losers’”

Stone continues to claim, quite convincingly, that he did not have any advance knowledge of the alleged DNC “hack”—the hack, which, anyone who has looked into has most likely concluded, is not a hack but a leak, and one ostensibly connected to the assassination of Seth Rich.

Stone has called the suit a “publicity play.” More interesting, perhaps, is that this lawsuit comes just shy of two weeks before Stone’s closed-door testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.

This is the core of the suit:

“Plaintiffs allege they were personally harmed by the hacking because the released emails exposed information about their personal life.

The lawsuit says Comer’s hacked emails included his revelation to his grandparents that he is gay. He eventually left his job, he said, because of threatening phone calls he received.”

It is important to note that the lawsuit offers absolutely no new evidence showing alleged “collusion” between Russia and Trump’s campaign. Furthermore, it should be obvious that the disgusting and disturbing revelations gleaned from the DNC emails—Podesta’s in particular—were of exceptionally high public interest. The inherent public value of that information should outweigh any allegations of exposure by the donors et al who had been working to empower the sick cabal that is the Clinton inner circle. 

Stone told

“The lawsuit filed by this democratic front group is baseless and completely without merit. Essentially someone has pasted together a series of Questionable media  claims for which there is no evidence whatsoever.” Stone went on to say that the people who brought the lawsuit “can’t even prove that the DNC emails were hacked.”

What will happen to the pack of pathetic losers once their swamp is drained?