Why Do They Treat Ivanka So Poorly?

Hypocritical, nonsensical leftists attack the female entrepreneur—and don’t show any signs of stopping.

On Saturday, Ivanka Trump stirred up cries of scandal when she momentarily took her father’s seat at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany. President Trump was busy attending to matters elsewhere.

Despite constant feminist advocacy to get more women at the table—and to get those women at the table to “lean in”—the left is instead tearing Ivanka down for her participation this weekend.

By the way: it’s customary for a representative from the president’s team to sit in for him when he cannot himself occupy that seat. However, now that an intelligent and capable woman is getting the opportunity to sit in with these leaders—rather than one of the many male members of Trump’s team—the left has a problem. Why?

Sure, we could talk about nepotism, but who could claim that being the president’s daughter didn’t come with any added benefits? (See Chelsea Clinton’s resume, which is indeed solely derivative of her parent’s connections, for evidence).

Instead, shouldn’t these critics be celebrating the success of Ivanka’s latest initiative—a fund to support female entrepreneurs, no less?

At the G20 Summit on Saturday, Ivanka, along with World Bank President Jim Kim, announced the project’s official launch. The fund is called the Women’s Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) and aims to help unlock the potential of female entrepreneurs by improving access to capital, providing technical assistance, and investing in projects that support women and women-led enterprises.

The United States has pledged $50 million to the fund, Canada has pledged $20 million, and Saudi Arabia and UAE have pledged a combined $100 million. Altogether, the World Bank has secured an initial $325 million for this project and promises to devote over $1 billion in resources.

Ivanka will not be working on further fundraising for this initiative to avoid a conflict of interest—donors could simply be trying to curry favor with her father’s administration.

But instead of lauding this great achievement, the left has chosen to overshadow it by continuing to harp on the brief musical chairs. This morning Trump tweeted,

image (1)And Chelsea Clinton responded,

image (2)The squabble over this non-controversy continues to waste our time and exists only to obscure the great job Trump did overseas. Between Trump’s powerful speech in Warsaw, brokering a cease-fire in Syria, and North Korean talks with Xi Jinping, the dishonest mainstream media couldn’t find much to criticize—so they made something up.

Revealingly, the new women’s fund, a tangible action step, has received less attention than the statue of the fearless Wall Street Girl, a mere statue.


But hasn’t that been the real difference lately between the right and the left? While the Trump administration works to create solutions, the left obsesses about virtue signaling and symbols of resistance.

Isn’t it time they got serious?