America Deserves Senator Shiva Ayyadurai

Shiva’s commitment to the truth and the American Dream is reinvigorating—and we desperately need someone with his brilliance and foresight in the United States Senate

Shiva’s Backstory

Scientist and entrepreneur Shiva Ayyadurai, who stylishly goes by his first name due to American’s embarrassing (yes, I said it!) ineptitude in pronouncing foreign names, is challenging Always Yelling Elizabeth Warren for her US Senate seat in Massachusetts. As he frames it: this is the battle of a real Indian and a fake Indian.


Born in Mumbai, India, Shiva Ayyadurai came to the United States on his seventh birthday, and his family lived in several different cities in New Jersey throughout his adolescence. Shiva, who is undisputedly brilliant, went on to MIT where he received four degrees—an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and computer science; a master’s degree in visual studies; a master’s degree in mechanical engineering; and a Ph.D. in biological engineering.

In 2007, he received a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to go back to India to research the intersection of Eastern and Western medicine. His intelligence is uncontested. Contested by some, however, is his claim that he invented email—but for the record, we’re deferring to his argument, and not just because he’s our dude. Shiva is also the veritable inventor of Systems Health, CytoSolve, and EchoMail.

Systems Health is an educational health program offering free trainings with Shiva himself. CytoSolve is a biotech startup dedicated to saving lives by making the drug discovery process more efficient. Echomail is an email management system that helps businesses grow their customer bases—in fact, it was utilized by George Bush’s 2000 campaign to increase grassroots mobilization. Echomail’s services were offered to the Gore campaign as well, but they declined. . . perhaps it made all the difference?


Innovation, not regulation

Shiva, a Trump loyalist, intends to employ his scientific and entrepreneurial approach in solving the big issues that plague our country. One of his slogans includes “innovation not regulation.”

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 1.21.50 PM

He is for the middle class, small businesses, supporting local community banks, citizen journalists, the 2nd Amendment, and draining the swamp.

He’s against the military-industrial complex, career politicians, corporate lobbyists, the Paris Accords, sanctuary cities, the deep state, and big pharma.

On Twitter he has already provided some insight into the sort of innovation he’s hoping to bring to government. Recently, he met with the Veteran’s Administration to see how his company, Cytosolve, can help veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). He also advocates introducing yoga, acupuncture, massage, nutrition, and other forms of complementary and alternative medicine into primary care in order to keep the cost of healthcare down and reduce the number of unnecessary surgeries. To him, real health is preventative—not about drugs or surgery.

Of course, you’re never going to hear that kind of refreshing, forward-thinking common sense from big pharma, their lobbyists, and their powerful shareholders.

And even just a cursory glance at Shiva’s Twitter reveals how much he cares about public health, education, and investment.


Shiva is right on the issues

Like Trump, who Shiva has called his hero, he demands real action on the opioid crisis and is frustrated by the left’s negligence. On a Reddit AMA on July 5th he said:

“There is already a solution for this epidemic in MA. What’s unfortunate is that REAL solutions have been stopped the Establishment politicians in MA. I was honored to meet an eminent doctor who actually had a solution — de Toxing people in their homes, for a very low-cost. He underwent massive attacks, and was destroyed by the Establishment — by Democrats, because his business impinged on their own side businesses.”

The devastating effects of globalism, in part, have caused the opioid crisis—and a fundamental crisis of meaning itself. American’s jobs have been shipped off to foreign workers for even lower wages. The decline of manufacturing and factory jobs has left these Americans with nowhere to work and they lack the skills to move and obtain different work.

Shiva has a solution for this, too.

When asked his main priority during the AMA, Shiva responded:

“JOBS. JOBS. JOBS. — for the 21st CENTURY. In MA, for every 17 skilled job openings, ONLY 1 person is qualified. Need I say more. Of course we need lower taxes for businesses — this is a no-brainer. But as an entrepreneur and owner of many businesses — my biggest concern is that I can’t find qualified skilled people. If we do not unleash vo-tech schools, combined with innovative technologies such as on-line tools — we are going to lose those to China. We will need skilled labor to manage robots, new supply chain management systems, drones, as well as farmers, gardeners, landscapers, electricians and plumbers.”

He elaborated further:

“Here’s what we need to do. I have a solution: 1. Reduce the H1-B’s massively over the next 3 years to near ZERO (unless something is REALLY needed with some extraordinary skill — like someone who can solve the FUSION problem). 2. Massively and explosively increase admission into VO-TECH schools. We need plumbers, electricians, network engineers, nurses, etc. This has to be done FAST in a public – private partnership.”

Shiva intends to help citizens become productive and skilled workers for the new digitized tech economy, creating and filling jobs that can’t be replaced by foreign laborers or sent off to foreign countries as crass arbitrage opportunities for the elite managerial class.

Despite his great success as an entrepreneur, don’t mistake him for the likes of Silicon Valley elites. Shiva is no Peter Thiel—his current net worth is estimated to be $500,000. Instead of compiling vast sums of wealth purely for himself, he has been investing it back into innovation, supporting his own ideas and trusting his own vision.

But hey, like Thiel, Shiva has also sued Gawker for defamatory coverage and won $750,000, which he believes is a testament to his ability to expose fake news.

Taking on the entrenched establishment

Other fake news Shiva wishes to debunk includes Senator Warren’s claims that she is Native American. The left called similar goading by President Trump “racist,” but Shiva accuses Warren of real racism for misusing affirmative action. Plus, he’s merely searching for the truth—he recently sent Warren a DNA test to discover the reality of her ancestry, but she declined.

image (1)Before running against Warren, Shiva will have to defeat Geoff Diehl, state representative for Massachusetts’ 7th Plymouth District, in the Republican primary. Taking a page from Trump, Shiva, has dubbed his opponent, Crooked Diehl and Fake Diehl.

image (2)

Diehl seems to lack the brains, charisma, and drive to defeat Shiva. And where are his brilliant, original ideas? Nowhere to be found—compare him with Shiva and tell us who you think is more qualified to jumpstart transformative innovation in our government.

Shiva has no official political experience. We think that’s good. In fact, the only time he voted in an election was in 2016 for Donald Trump. He later attended the Inauguration at Trump’s invitation. So, why start now? Shiva believes that Donald Trump was finally offering real change by returning power back to the people—and wants to join this momentum. He calls Trump’s win a “necessary disruption to a system that was no longer serving American people” and says he became a Republican because of Trump. He hopes to expose the hypocritical tendencies of establishment politicians like Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton who say they’re acting for the people, but are actually the most “insidious” part of the system.

He told Breitbart:

“The truth is that the Democratic Party is the party of codependency, based on making everyday people dependent on them for their ‘kindness and goodwill.’” He added, “they just have better PR and use duplicity to keep the masses in chains by making them believe that the way out of this is through them.”

Just because the establishment in both the Republican and Democratic parties had turned off Shiva, though, doesn’t mean he wasn’t still participating in politics. He has been a longtime activist against injustice. His experience with injustice came from his early childhood in India when his family was discriminated against for being part of a lower caste. Later, as an undergraduate, he founded The Student, a newspaper at MIT, and then also fought for more women to attend MIT, protested South African apartheid and MIT’s hypocritical South African investments, and protested the Iraq War.

Shiva is also known for being a vociferous opponent of the lack of GMO labeling. He published a study concluding that genetically modified soybeans had higher amounts of cancer-causing formaldehyde than non-genetically modified soybeans. Shiva has also offered Monsanto, the giant agrochemical company, and the alarmingly-linked Hillary Clinton (then running in the Democratic primary) $10 million if they could disprove his claims. At the time, he told the Patch,

“It’s sheer hypocrisy that Clinton supposedly does yoga, meditates and eats organic food while she pushes GMOs on the rest of us”

Infuriatingly, as Secretary of State, Clinton went as far as using taxpayer dollars to promote Monsanto’s products abroad and undermine legislation that would harm the GMO industry. Clinton’s hands were clearly tied in Monsanto’s interests, and many politicians’ still are. . . Shiva’s ultimate opponent, Elizabeth Warren voted for the Monsanto Protection Act to support Big Agribusiness.

In May, Melania Trump banned Monsanto and genetically modified products from the White House, further vindicating Shiva’s objections.

The need for someone in the federal government who understands the science behind how our food is made, and will intelligently fight against powerful corporate lobbies, is stronger and more pressing than ever. Shiva is committed to doing just that.

Let’s help get Shiva elected

It’s undeniable that Shiva has a fascinating story—between inventing email at age 14, receiving death threats for exposing corruption in Indian science institutions, starting two multi-million dollar companies, and briefly being married to the inimitable Fran Drescher, we’re dying to learn more.

Shiva’s commitment to the truth and the American Dream is reinvigorating. His campaign arrives at a time when we can slide back into the trappings of career politicians—or emerge into a new era of government truly by, and actually for, the people. Shiva aims for the latter. He promises to be our fighter.

So far, he has the endorsement of Infowars, Curt Shilling, The Lowell Sun, and now Magalithic.


We’re disappointed that we’re not Massachusetts residents, so we can’t directly vote for him, but supporters can donate to or volunteer for the campaign here. Watch this space for more coverage of Shiva and his epic campaign.

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