Roger Stone Is Our Favorite Person

Roger D. Stone v. Roger J. Stone

As per the Washington Post today, Roger Stone has a new book out—but not that Roger Stone. According to his publisher, Roger D. Stone is “a former correspondent and bureau chief for Time magazine, former president of the Center for Inter-American Relations, director and president of the Sustainable Development Institute, and a board member of the World Wildlife Fund. He is the author of six previous books.”

His new book is about Dillon Ripley:

“A Yale-educated Renaissance man, S. Dillon Ripley was a ‘courtly, determined, hugely ambitious, energetic, funny, and colorful ornithologist, conservationist, and cultural standard-bearer’ who led the Smithsonian Institution for twenty years, during its greatest period of growth.”


And he shared with WashPo a fantastic story about The Meeting of the Stones:

His best Roger Stone story was from decades ago, when both men improbably happened to be on the same flight from San Juan. When an attendant asked for passenger Roger Stone to identify himself, both men came forward. They were informed that they were both on the wrong plane and headed back to the airport together. “‘I said to him: ‘I always wondered something about you. You never work for the candidates you help elect. And he said, ‘Financially, I am way beyond that,’ he said. ‘That was my first and only viewing of the gentleman.’”

He also quips:

“The ‘D’ is a precious commodity,” Stone said of the middle initial that distinguishes him from the Stone of cable punditry

And like any good quip, it cuts both ways.