Roger Stone Is Our Favorite Person

Roger Stone: “I sure as hell can sue the f*#& out of Podesta”

Noted political operative, style guru, bon vivant, fixer, freedom advocate, and longtime Trump booster Roger Stone is slated to appear before the House Intelligence Committee—which claims to be looking into ties between the Trump campaign and “Russia”—on July 24th.

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Unfortunately for the American people, the hearing will not be public:

“We tried really hard,” [Stone’s attorney] said, adding that he was told by the GOP-led House panel, “They’re done with public.”

Stone’s appearance comes after that of well-documented pizza aficionado John Podesta, who is still peddling the claim that his “emails were hacked [and] the Russian government was behind the leak and the Trump campaign knew about it in advance.”

Stone wrote in an email to Politico:

“With John Podesta appearing before the committee I do feel it is essential that I have the opportunity to rebut his serial lies,” Stone said in an email. “I may not be able to sue a member of Congress but I sure as hell can sue the f— out of Podesta. The claim that I had knowledge of the hacking of his email by WikiLeaks in advance is a demonstrable lie.”

Give ‘em hell, Roger.