Failed Elites

Did Obama Accidentally Destroy the Democratic Party?

He was supposed to be the messiah.

He would cure the sick. He would stem the rising tides. He would end the decade of foreign wars. He would close the government’s secret prisons. He would end torture. He would send a thrill up your leg (at least if you looked like this). He would prosecute corrupt Wall Street bankers (after bailing them out, of course)—and above all else, he would win elections.

At least for himself.

As Victor Davis Hanson of the National Review notes, the Democratic party left in President Obama’s wake became

“. . . a hard-left coastal coalition, a pyramidal party — ethnic-identity groups at the base and wealthy elites on top, all united by a mutual disdain for the half of the population that covers 85 percent of the geography.”



Worse, it was one that couldn’t even win elections. Under Obama—who is, we might add, perhaps one of the most popular “progressive” candidates in recent history—the Democratic party lost, on a net basis: 12 governorships, 69 US house seats, 14 US senate seats, and a nearly-unthinkable 910 seats in state legislatures.

What can account for this cognitive dissonance (at least if you watch the “news”)? And how are Democrats rectifying it, at least on a political basis? Short answer: not at all. Long answer: Trump Derangement Syndrome.

“It is said that Democrats are in an existential crisis because of their obsessions with Donald Trump — suing over the election, trying to subvert the Electoral College, dreaming of impeachment and the 25th Amendment, filing briefs under the emoluments clause of the Constitution, stalling appointments, relying on deep-state insurrectionary bureaucrats, cherry-picking liberal judges for obstructive passes, and going from one conspiracy theory to the next as collusion begat obstruction that begat witness tampering.


Do [the people] want to be told that Trump’s efforts on deregulation, jobs, and energy won’t work by those who could not achieve a single year of 3 percent annual GDP growth over eight years?”

And where is their erstwhile savior now? Can you even be a savior if you can’t achieve 3% growth for your people?

“Barack Obama, amid the assassination chic and the obscenity of key Democrats such as Kamala Harris, Tom Perez, and Kirsten Gillibrand, recently remonstrated about the evils of inequality and the need for more diversity — at $10,000 a minute to largely white, Wall Street audiences, while whining about the ongoing recalibration of his failed Obamacare project. That is what passes for 21st-century progressive community organizing.”

Getting paid. . . by the elite corporate audiences he campaigned against.