Dirty Democrats

Democratic Party Proves Corrupt, Again

In troubling—if unsurprising—news, the Democratic establishment’s sleazy tactics are back in the spotlight. Kimberly Ellis, candidate for the California Democratic Party Chair, recently described the intimidation she faced while running as an insurgent candidate backed by Bernie Sanders supporters:

Ellis hoped to remove power from the top of the hierarchy and give it back to the actual people within the party. Combating big money in politics, one of her slogans was “unbought and unbossed.” Of course, the establishment didn’t like the sound of any of this.

Ellis went to meet with two women who were insiders in LA Democratic politics after she first announced her campaign for chair. The first words out of one of the insider’s mouth were, “Who the hell do you think you are running for this?”

The insider went on to say:

“You are an infant when it comes to party politics. If you decide to run for this it will be political suicide and no one will ever touch you again. . . . But as far as running to be the next chair of the California Democratic Party, politically speaking you will be murdered and we will personally take part in murdering you.”

Despite the aggressive threat, Kimberly Ellis ran anyway and barely lost to the establishment candidate, Eric Bauman, with 62 fewer votes on May 20th. It’s been a month and Ellis has still not conceded the race, sensing interference by the corrupt establishment.

Here’s Ellis’s June 21st press release:

“Initial inquiries into nearly 300 questionable ballots in the unsettled May 20 contest for state Democratic Party chair show that Eric Bauman was named the winner based on ineligible votes and votes of dubious authenticity that may be set aside upon further review. Bauman benefited from several votes cast by non-Democrats, in clear violation of Party rules.

Excluding the more than 200 ballots with signature mismatches and questions around dues-payment eligibility requirements, at least 47 ballots for Bauman in the chair’s contest were ineligible or bear the hallmarks of organized manipulation. More than 30 ballots for Bauman should have been, but were not, disqualified.

Several Bauman proxy votes, or ballots cast in the name of Democratic delegates who were not present, came from people who were not qualified under Party eligibility standards to cast ballots, were not registered to vote, or who were not registered as Democrats.”

Eric Bauman rejected the audit as the new chairperson. But, if the election wasn’t fraudulent in any way, why would he be scared of an independent audit? Ellis filed a formal challenge and is still waiting on the Democrat’s compliance review commission to decide whether the election was fair. Hm—which side do you think they’ll be on?

On election tampering, Ellis told The Young Turks,

“We can’t be the party that just calls on investigating irregularities when it comes to Russia…but not to call for the same kind of scrutiny within our own house.”

Anybody else getting déjà vu to the recent DNC chair election and 2016 Democratic primary? Democrats continue to advance their unfortunate reputation as the party of dirty politics and corruption. They consistently display that even their own people cannot trust them.

Thanks to Kimberly Ellis for further bringing the sleazy dealings of the Democrats to light.