Fake News

CNN Finally Backs Off Russia Investigation

Yesterday, CNN sent out an email ordering employees to be more cautious about publishing stories that mention Russia. John Passantino of Buzzfeed has obtained this internal email from CNN writing on Twitter, “In wake of story retraction, CNNMoney exec editor sends memo to staff mandating all “Russia-related content” must be cleared by him or VP”:


The retraction referred to is an article CNN published falsely tying President Trump’s friend, Anthony Scaramucci, to a Russian investment fund—which is to say that CNN has been so eager to find evidence of Russian collusion that they have been pushing stories that just aren’t true. And the above email from CNN’s leadership reveals that even they believe their promulgation of fake news has gone too far.

CNN later posted this apology to Scaramucci, who accepted and said he was moving on:

imageOf course, there are quite a few other stories that CNN should have retracted, but hasn’t. Who could forget during the presidential election when CNN told their viewers it was illegal to look at Wikileaks? Chris Cuomo was willing to tell a boldfaced lie to get Hillary Clinton elected. CNN’s staging of Muslim protests is another journalistic breach that comes to mind:


In the world of the corporate mainstream media, if the news doesn’t agree with your agenda. . . you just make something up, try to make it look real, and try not to get caught.